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  • Fri
    University City Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    You might be a parent if…
    …you sleep in until 6 a.m. and then start wondering how on earth 6 a.m. became sleeping in.
    …you have lowered your expectations of little Johnny becoming President to little Johnny becoming someone who flushes the toilet.
    …the only way you ever see your teen is by turning off the WiFi and waiting for them to show up.
    Parents can never have enough knowledge when it comes to raising children! Please join us September 2-4, 2016, for a weekend of learning how to be a godly parent.
    Childcare and food will be provided. Schedule TBA. Please contact Mark Waugh at 240-291-5072 for more information.

  • Wed
    University City Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    Are you looking for a place where your kids can develop a relationship with God, meet new friends, be a blessing to others, learn useful skills and experience adventure in the outdoors? Then, come on over and check out the University City SDA Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs!

      • Meetings are usually on 1st and 3rd Weds; Sept - May. Also, one Sat or Sun activity planned/month.
      • Adventurers meet from 6:30 - 8 pm and will have programs for Little Lambs (age 4), Eager Beavers (age 5) & Adventurers (age 6-9).
      • Pathfinders meet from 6 - 8 pm for youth beginning with 5th grade (or age 10) through teens.
      • Healthy snacks will be provided at each meeting and sign-ups are requested from parents to assist with supplying those. Plan to eat supper before coming to the meeting.
      • Complete and bring the attached registration & health form to the first meeting along with appropriate fee(s):
        • Adventurer - $25
        • Pathfinder (new member) - $80 - includes uniforms.
        • Pathfinder (returning member) - $40
        • Pathfinder T-shirts - $10
      • If you would like your child to be a part of either club, please send an e-mail to the director(s) before our first meeting: Adventurer Club Director (Luis Montiel): Pathfinder Club Director (Kathy Russell):

    We want all parents to be involved in some form in our clubs (such as by sharing a devotional, helping with providing snacks, teaching an honor, helping with classwork, driving and chaperoning, helping with club events and field trips, etc.). Our clubs are volunteer-led and are meant to provide blessings for the whole family. So, please be ready and willing to share some of your time by helping to make the clubs a successful experience for all the kids! If you have any questions and would like to talk with either club director by phone, please call the following numbers: Luis Montiel (704) 293-2791 or Kathy Russell (704) 641-1167.

    We look forward to a great year ahead!
    --Luis Montiel & Kathy Russell


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